Match and Pennant Purpose

The Mildura Squash Inc Match & Pennant Committee's purpose is to ensure integrity and transparency of the Mildura Squash Pennant and Club Champion Competitions by:

  • Approving team selections as recommended by the Mildura Squash Inc Committee to ensure no bias;
  • Approving fill-ins during the pennants finals to ensure team equity;
  • Provide advocacy for players in regard to referee and other player disputes in regard to the World Squash Singles Rules to ensure competition fairness.
  • Implementing pennant and club champion decisions as set by the committee to ensure consistency and fairness in the interpretation of such decisions.

The committee consists of the Club President, 1 x Division 1 representative, 1 x Division 2 representative and 1 general committee member.  Decisions and outcomes must be agreed upon by 3 of the 4 members.


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